Land Of Bedazzling Skyscrapers And More…

If you thought Taiwan was just an obscure, oriental island that is largely backward and has nothing much to offer in terms of nightlife, you are absolutely mistaken. The Taiwanese capital Taipei and several other Metropolitan centers boast of a gleaming skyline and highly vibrant nightlife. Be it the Tuntex Sky Tower, the much-famed Sun Shooting Tower, the integral Shin Kong Life Tower or the globally acclaimed Taipei 101 Building, the skyline of Taipei can yield stiff competition to any other sophisticated, modernized and commercialized metro city in the world. Much to all party lovers delight, there are a large number of pubs, discotheques and nightclubs in the city offering a delightful range of food and beverages to suit all budgets and pockets. And we’re not done with the nightlife of this vivacious country. More than the party venues, the much-famed Night Markets offer a frenzy of local goods and supplies at amazing prices, along with a splendid night-out experience! Here’s a look at some of the most famous and perennially thronged ones:-

  • Snake Alley– Situated in the capital city of Taipei, this market derives its name from the plethora of snake delicacies that are available for connoisseurs. So if you count yourself as a gastronomic adventure freak, go ahead and sample the snake quiche, turtle blood soup and the infamous deer gonad wine. For those who are not so adventurous, the market offers a lot more even then in terms of shopping, fun and frolic!
  • Nanya Night Market– Located near the Fuzhong Metro Station, this market is the place to be for shopaholics, because you get really good quality stuff in bulk and at flea market rates!
  • Zhonghua Street Night Market-Situated adjacent to Guangyuan, the Zhonghua Street Market is where you can treat your conventional palate to lip-smacking delicacies, without worrying about stuff like snakes and turtles on your plate. A must visit for every tourist who comes to Taiwan!
  • Caotun Night Market– Held every night from 8pm till midnight at the Nantou County of Taiwan, this particular night market is well known for its appealing rides, fascinating lights, fireworks and gaming extravaganza. A great place to be for families with children, and also great for adventurous young couples!
  • Shilin Night Market– Organized in the Shilin District, this night market boasts of being the largest in terms of area, as well as being amongst the few markets which run all night as opposed to a few hours every night. While you are here, you must not miss out on sampling some of the most unique local delicacies like Oyster Vermicelli, Oyster Omelet, Bubble Tea and Stinky Tofu, to name a few!