A Glimpse of Taiwanese History for Geeks!

When you plan on visiting a country that is completely new to you, it is always helpful to read a little about its history. You would certainly agree to the fact that a country’s past goes hand in hand with its present, and merely by reading the history, you get some inkling of the cultural sensibilities of the Taiwanese people, what is culturally acceptable there and what is not. It would interest you to note that the first signs of human habitation on the Taiwanese island has been traced by archaeologists, and it goes all the way back to 3000 BC! But unfortunately, not many relics or artifacts are left behind to depict the life of the Taiwanese prior to the onslaught of colonization.

Multiple Instances of Colonization

Given the highly strategic marine location, natural beauty and abundance of various resources in this East Asian Island, Taiwan has been colonized on multiple occasions by various countries. Of course, the very first settlers were the Chinese who are known to have first set foot here somewhere during the medieval times. When the world was witnessing the first instances of European colonization around the mid 17th century, the Chinese lost control of Taiwan and it went into the hands of the Spanish. In a couple of years, the Dutch colonizers defeated the Spanish and took over the reins of the island for almost two centuries. Eventually during the Sino Japanese War and then the Second World War, it was Japan that snatched away Taiwan and continued to rule it till the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings in 1945. Finally, it was time for Taiwan to become a sovereign country, and it remains so till date, but continues to remain highly dependent on China in many spheres of trade, militarization and polity.